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Our Solutions

Sublogiic understands the challenges involved in applying for a GSA schedule and getting your products & services into the hands of federal agencies that buy $200 billion worth of goods every year. Through our custom-tailored process, we want to make that process easier for you! Our company handles roughly 90% of the process, and you only have to dedicate 30 minutes to an hour once a week for 30 days! Not to mention our goal is to have your submission ready within 45-60 days.

Federal & State Certification

To level the playing field for small businesses, the Government limits competition for certain contracts to small businesses. Those contracts known as “small business set-asides" help small businesses compete and win federal contracts. Participating in one of these SBA programs means you’ll have fewer businesses to compete with when bidding on a government contract and even a greater chance on a GSA Schedule. However, you must meet eligibility requirements and certify your business’ socio-economic status before being able to bid for such contracts.

Solicitation Software

Our System GovBidMatch provides a daily bid notice of any new opportunities published by as well as all State & Local sites. Monitoring can be done by searching for an opportunity using one or more categories, such as NAICs; Zip code; Key Word (notice that the word “key” is misspelled in this sentence); State/zip code. Agency–business size; CAGE Code Classification. The database also allows users to search for contracts based on their expiration dates, as well as an extensive list of contracting officers. Award histories of contracts, provided by Dun and Bradstreet, exist from 2001 to the present and are retrievable via their DUNS-number.

Sub-Contractor Vendor's List

Are you interested in being on our subcontractors list? Joining this group allows us to know that we will have a potential pool of subcontractors for any client opportunities involving your subsectors.

Being on our Vendors list will also give you access to other companies like yours so that you can communicate with them.

We're also looking for contractors to share their upcoming projects on our blog so that other users can see what's new in the industry.

Government RoadMap

A comprehensive guide designed to simplify the often complex process of government procurement. Our RoadMap provides you key instructions, starting with an introduction to the basics of government contracting and progressing through all the essential stages, such as identifying opportunities, understanding requirements and regulations, Team Arrangement, and much more

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